Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 79 (Sweet Dee) - Weird dreams...

I had a very strange and ridiculously vivid dream last night.  I went to Germany on a trip, and met a very strange fellow that I took a liking to.  He wore heavy Icelandic-looking sweaters, spoke very witty broken English, had a beard, and looked mysteriously like the now deceased (RIP) Ryan Dunn.  It was weird, but I think it was partly because my friend Sean brought up the subject of Ryan Dunn when I was telling my boyfriend's son to never drink & drive last night.  He's 10 years old, but it's never too early to learn!  I just remember thinking that Ryan Dunn was the only Jackass dude that I was even remotely attracted to, so maybe that's what spurred the dream? 

Tonight Katy & I are going to Beauty Bar for their 1-year anniversary.  They'll have an open bar.  Which means I'll be drinkin', so I may as well just consider this a cheat day!  :)  Yeah, I'm broke.  What of it? 

Egg (over-easy), with Ezekiel toast, butter, and jalapeno jam (nothing too exciting today!)
Coffee with sugar & half and half.

1 chocolate chip cookie.

Ramen noodles with fresh onions and edamame.

Leftover mashed potatoes with green peas, homemade gravy, and a Morningstar "Riblet"
2 whiskey gingers

20 minute bike ride (to/from work)

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