Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 84 (Sweet Dee) - Back to work...

...ah well, at least it's a short week!

Steel cut oats with 1/4 a cup of cream, water, organic maple syrup, and blueberries.

Leftover quinoa, wheat, dried berry & nut salad (about 1 cup)

Brown rice with leftover tofu dog sauteed with frozen broccoli and Tikka Masala sauce, splash of cream, and a splash of Braggs & Vegetable broth (about 1 cup)


1 4th-of-July cupcake. :)

Lentil Curry creation (made by John - he's so good at making up delicious / healthy / vegetarian recipes!), over ramen noodles, with a toasted wheat tortilla. 

Brisk 45-min walk around City Park

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