Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday - Day #3

A little motivation for myself (and you, maybe?) - So true... why not start now? 

I always put things off... It's my birthday!  It's cookout season!  It's Thanksgiving!  It's Christmas!  It's New Year's!  - ending all of that with "I can indulge as much as I want", but it just ain't true.  Sure little indulgences are fine, but I tend to just give up (especially around the holidays).  Why not be healthy year 'round?  Sure, have a little more than usual to celebrate things, but don't keep doing it or those occasions won't seem quite as special.  See what I'm sayin'? 

Fresh juice (apple, strawberries, pear, kiwi, ginger)
1 egg over-easy (w/ spray oil), side of brown rice with 1/4 an avocado, sliced tomatoes & siryacha sauce

Cup of vanilla spice tea.

Lunch with Daddy at Euclid Hall!  Simple salad (greens, sweet / salty dressing), lobster soup.

Snack - cup of minestrone soup (guess it was a soup kinda day today!)

Juice (apple, pear, orange, and 1/2 a yam)
Leftovers (small plate of mashed potatoes, mushrooms, gravy, tofurkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce - a little bit of everything!)

Chamomile Tea

25 min jog with Stacey - it was a hard one today!

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