Monday, April 11, 2011


I swear, I'll get to posting about Day #1 first thing tomorrow, but I just found this blog and I loved her "commandments" that she wrote there: 

1) Be Shannon.

2) Carbs trigger sugar cravings, avoid them when possible, compensate when unavoidable.

3) Think it through, before I eat the treat, be sure I won't regret it (guilt is poison).

4) Best to avoid the freezer unless I know exactly what I'm going in there for.

5) Workout first thing, my day will thank me for it.

6) Feed the hunger in my belly, not my head.

7) Don't be a hateful meanie to myself.

8) If I'm cravin' it after midnight, I probably don't need it!

9) Just do the bleedin' cardio already!

10) Know why I'm doing this.

I just thought they were really good things to take with me on my journey!  Thanks, Shannon - whoever you may be! :) 

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