Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 5 (Sweet Dee) - gettin' better

Feeling better today, but still not 100%.  My ears are all clogged up for some reason, and my nose is running like a faucet, but I'm definitely much better.  Maybe there's something to be said for choosing natural aids rather than salty soups & sugary sodas!  CRAZY! ;)

Tonight I am planning a nice low-key night with the boy.  We haven't had any QT since he got back from Chicago on Wednesday, so we're just going to stay in, watch a movie, and relax!

Echinacea complete care tea  
(I know, no breakfast = bad, but I was at my parent's house last night so that I could take my mom to the airport this morning.  Their options for breakfast foods are sugary cereals....and that's about it.  I had every plan to get a smoothie at Jamba Juice, but ended up getting to work later than expected.  I hate missing breakfast!) 

Leftover "egg" salad (tofu, vegan mayo, mustard, relish, potatoes, etc), over chopped romaine lettuce drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

Banana "boat" (banana with natural peanut butter, and a drizzle of agave nectar).

Yerba Mate tea

1/2 a bottle of Tangerine Juice

Black Eyed Pea Croquettes with brown rice syrup & dijon mustard sauce (pureed BEP's with seasonings, small amount of whole wheat flour, fried - used about a tbsp and a half of the sauce on mine)

Mixed green salad with strawberries, red onions, pecans, small amount of feta cheese crumbles, balsamic vinegar & olive oil.

25 minutes on elliptical machine (alternating level 2 and level 3 resistance)
15 minutes on treadmill - while lifting 5lb arm weights

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