Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 17 (Sweet Dee) - Body & Mind Day

Last night I finished dyeing my hair and went to bed early.  I love the way it came out too! 

Anyway, I got up early this morning and did some yoga.  Not with a video - I just put on Sigur Ros and did my own thing with what I remembered from my classes.  It felt really great, and so relaxing just to stretch.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.  

I was worried that it was going to rain all morning, but the sun came out, so I rode my bike into work!  I haven't done it in a looooong time, and it was another great addition to my morning.  

Tonight I'm going to a Gong Bath* with my mom.  I don't really know what it's all about, but we're supposed to bring a yoga mat and a blanket - and I guess they just ring a bunch of gongs, and we meditate.  So maybe it was appropriate for me to start the day with yoga, and end it with meditation!  Meh, who knows.  It sounds interesting! 

*OK - so I had to write a little blurb about the Gong Bath.  It was very strange, yet really amazing.  We all laid on the floor of the studio on mats with blankets, and Sylvia rang the gongs at different intervals & strengths, and the vibration resonated all over my body.  I was awake & aware the whole hour, but my mind would wander - sometimes it was like I was dreamwalking (I wrote down everything when I got home - some of the dreams were SO vivid), and sometimes my mind was just blank and hovering.  When my mind started to wander & think of things in the future or past, the gong sound would bring me back to the present and back into myself.  I know that sounds like hippie crap, but it was very interesting, and I left feeling exhausted and rejuvenated all at the same time!

Tofu Scramble (tofu sauteed in olive oil with red onion, black beans, seasonings) over a bed of arugula, with salsa & 1/4 an avocado. 
1 Kiwi & sliced strawberries.
Cup of coffee w/ splash of almond milk, & a splash of sugar-free caramel flavoring.

Illegal Pete's with Daddy!  What a goofball.  Like father like daughter, I guess! 

I got (my favorite) - vegetarian green chili with corn on top, a side of pesto sauce (they always look at me weird when I ask for that), and a whole wheat tortilla.  I usually get chips, but I'm bein' good!  I can't wait for the day that Illegal Pete's get brown rice... they JUST got whole wheat tortillas, so that's a good start.

Whole wheat Wasa cracker w/ natural peanut butter & fig preserves.

Cup of tea (yes, I had every intention of eating dinner when I got home from the gong thingy.  But it was after 9pm when I got back, and I didn't feel very hungry.  I was pretty tired too, so after writing in my journal and reading a little bit, I just went to bed!) 

25 minutes of yoga
20 minutes biking to/from work (10 minutes in / 10 minutes out)
15 minutes of arm weightlifting (shoulder press, biceps, triceps, upright rows, side shoulder lifts - 16x, 3 reps each).


  1. That gong bath thing sounds AMAZING! How do you hear about these awesome things?!

  2. My mom! Haha! The lady who ran it is her acupuncturist. She's going to do one every month, so I'll let you know about the next one! :)

  3. Thank you!! :) I am pretty darn happy with it too - such a nice change from black!