Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 12 - Frieeeeday! Frieeeeday!

Whew!  So glad this week has finally come to a close.  What a rollercoaster! 

This morning I hoped to get up early, but the sleep felt so good I gave in.  I feel like I've been really good with my workouts this week, so today is going to be my day off.  I'm planning on getting in my workout time on Saturday & Sunday though for sure!  

Tonight we have my friend Brian's going away party in Boulder.  He's a friend that I knew in Ohio that moved out to Colorado maybe 5 or 6 years ago.  He's moving to Boston now though to live with his girlfriend - and will be missed!  I am being the designated driver this evening, since I'm not drinking - I have 5 people riding in my car down there tonight!  Ha!  It was funny though - I was talking to Stacey yesterday about going to parties & not drinking.  To be honest, it's not that bad - and I kind of like it better than drinking!  A couple of reasons:

1.) You don't end up ready to crash at 11:30.  Alcohol makes you tired.  Der.  
2.) You end up having more engaging conversations.  Even if the other person is drinking I find it much easier to hold up my end of the conversation, and I listen better!  Time is much better spent w/ friends. 
3.) You get to drive yourself home at the end of the night.  Awesome!  And it's nice being a back-up DD if you have a friend that needs a ride.  Yeah, maybe it can seem like a burden having to go out of your way, but it's nice knowing that they got home safely because of you, right? 
4.) You don't have a hangover the next day!! 
5.) You don't have to worry about cleaning your barf off your friend's car.... (yep, that's what I get for being DD!  Ha!)

Powerball w/ a banana, cup of black coffee (I couldn't resist today!  When I like somethin' - I keep eating it 'till I'm sick of it!)

Cucumber Water
Salad (romaine lettuce, quinoa, red onion, tomato, seitan pan seared w/ spray oil, papaya poppyseed dressing).  I later added on some of the leftover quinoa, asparagus, mushrooms, and tofu from yesterday's lunch too - just so it didn't go to waste.  I forgot it was still in the fridge at work! :) 

Apple (sliced) with natural (no salt or sugar-added) peanut butter

Here's something I did NOT eat!! 

I'm so proud of myself... I LOVE German chocolate cake too...*drool*.  It was a girl's birthday at work, and another girl's 5-year anniversary.  I took a picture just so that I could say that I resisted temptation!  I'm saving my indulging for tomorrow. ;)  WOOT!

Quorn "chicken" patty (pan-fried) with organic instant mashed potatoes, topped with a pat of vegan butter, a pat of vegan mayo, and some hot sauce.  Side of Kale chips.

None - takin' a break today.  But lookout weekend!! ;)

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