Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 15 (Sweet Dee) - Back in the saddle again!

After my lack of willpower yesterday, I'm ready to step it up the rest of this week.  I haven't seen any more weight loss since my initial 5 pounds, but I know that weight loss takes time, and I need to be patient - AND be good!  Keep up my workouts, and stick to eating right.  I think I need to not go TOO nuts on my cheat-day anymore either... I think I've been allowing myself more on those days than I really need to.   Also, it just seems silly to have to overcome sugar cravings just to indulge over the weekend, and have to overcome them all over again when the week starts!  Not saying I'm giving up my cheat day, of course - but I'm going to try to not go so nuts on 'em.
As far as today goes, getting up was really difficult this morning for some reason.  I knew I needed to get some kind of exercise in this morning whether I liked it or not, since I'm planning to go bowling with John after work tonight.  

The big thing that got me to drag my lazy butt out of bed was that I didn't want to put down "none" under my exercise for the day.  That's been a heck of a motivator for me!  ;)

Holy crap!  No pictures today!! 
Here's a picture of a cute lil' kitten to make up for it.

Powerball (my last one!  Yikes!) with a banana & a cup of berry antioxidant tea

Big Whole Foods salad (from the salad bar).  Spring greens, spinach leaves, & romaine - with quinoa, black beans, peas, beets, sunflower seeds, raisins, bleu cheese crumbles.  Dressing - homemade vinegarette (with spicy mustard added). 

Mixed fruit (leftover from book club) - strawberries, cantaloupe, white grapes.

Mixed nuts - a little less than 1/4 a cup (man, I'm glad I had these saved in my desk for an emergency!  I was starving when 4:30 rolled around...) 

1 whole grain Wasa cracker w/ 1 tbsp of salsa, and about 5 olives.  I didn't get home from bowling until about 10pm, and wasn't very hungry at that point. 

20 minutes of arm weightlifting (shoulder press, biceps, triceps, upright rows, back flys, side shoulder lifts - 16x, 3 reps each).
Bowling (3 games!)


  1. CUTE KITTEH!!!!!

    We should have a powerball, bran muffin, good snacky making party soon. I'm getting bored of my usual snacks I always keep on hand.

  2. I love Venessa's idea! And you're doing so well, I'm so proud of you! You help keep me motivated every day. Even though I fell off the wagon since I was sick, it's so much easier getting back on when you have someone so supportive with you.

  3. Heck yeah, that's a great idea! We should do a little get-together where everyone makes something healthy to share, then we exchange stuff. I remember us talking about that before too, and we should totally do it! :)

    Thanks Stacey - I completely agree! It's so nice to have people there to be supportive and encouraging. And it's great to hear your friends say that you're doing well - it keeps me going that's for sure!