Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 6 (Sweet Dee) - My first cheat day!

Finally starting to feel back to my old self, I was very excited for my first cheat day.  It was a lot of fun!  And after dropping about 3 pounds in my first week (woohoo!) I felt like I deserved it.  :) 

I also got to go to the Rockies VS Cubs game which was a lot of fun.  Although the Rockies lost, John (a Cubs fan) was thrilled!  We had a great time. 

Breakfast at Lucille's with Nikki!  I had the "Eggs Jennifer" - 2 poached eggs on an english muffin with spinach, tomato, hollandaise sauce, and cajun blackened salmon (I added this!) - with a side of potatoes and grits.  I also had 2 cups of chickory coffee with cream and natural sugar.

I made mixed berry crumble bars for a cookout, and ate one after they cooled.  DEELICIOUS!  I ate 2 more of these throughout the day - they were so yummy.

At the cookout I had 2 gardenburgers (black bean chipotle) with 2 slices of cheese.  These were actually frozen together, so I just ate them both on one bun (the bad kind) with ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions.  I had a couple of whole wheat crackers with hummus while there too.

2 glasses of white wine, and 1 beer at the baseball game (which I didn't finish).  And a handful of salted pistachios.

1 slice of cheese pizza at Anthony's on the way home.

I was motivated to do this today, but got so busy I missed out.  I hate writing "none" for this section though, so I really want to step up my game this week!

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