Friday, April 8, 2011

Prep for day 1!

I am planning on starting my TBT this Monday 4/11 - I always find it easier to start at the beginning of the work week rather than on a weekend.  

In order to prepare myself, I've ordered an organic produce box filled with goodies that is being dropped off today - WOOT!  I've also been working on finding some motivation, and came across this success story on That's Fit.  

I think what I loved the most about reading her story, is that I have a VERY similar one! 
I grew up in a family that loves food, and I definitely am an emotional eater.... 
I'm so happy!  I think I'll eat to celebrate.  I'm so sad!  I think I'll eat to comfort myself.  I'm so proud of myself!  I think I'll eat to reward myself.  I'm so angry! (etc, etc, etc)... You get the picture. 

What I also love about her story is that you can see in her photos that she wasn't really that overweight to begin with.  Sure, round around the edges and some weight to lose, but not seriously overweight.  That's where I feel like I am now.  And did you SEE her after picture??  HOLY COW!!  

See that right there?  That's some motivation for me!  She went from being round around the edges to being a FITNESS MODEL!  How rad is that?  What's even better is that according to her entry, it sounds like she did the exact same plan that I'm doing!!  TBT, baby!  

I never thought that I could ever look like she does now, but seeing her transformation has really inspired me.  I feel more ready than ever to get this going on Monday!  

Photos from That's Fit website 

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