Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 18 (Sweet Dee) - Starting the day right!

I got up early this morning and hit the gym, but I almost had a heart attack when I was about to leave after my workout.  I couldn't find my keys!  ANYWHERE!  I looked around the 2 machines I had used, but could not find them.  Finally I started searching in the crevices of the elliptical machine, and lo & behold, there they were.  Stuck up under a bottom area where I NEVER would have found them had I not stuck my hand under there.  That would have really sucked big time! 

So I got back a little later than I wanted to, but still managed to get to work on time (on my bike again today)!  Thank goodness.  

Tonight we have softball, which I love*!  I just hope we play against a team that isn't crazy competitive this time -  I like it better when everyone just wants to have FUN! :) 

*We WON our softball game!!  WOOT!  And it was definitely fun tonight. :)  Close game, but lotsa fun.  

Brown rice crisps (no sugar added, organic), with strawberries and 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk.

Mixed nuts (about 1/4 a cup)

Veggie wrap (arugula, spicy mustard, olive oil & balsamic vinegar, pinch of salt & other seasonings, diced tomato, unsalted black beans, red onion, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, and seitan sauteed in olive oil w/ a splash of low-sodium veggie broth) - all in a whole wheat tortilla.

Almond-milk Latte (double-shot), with sugar-free almond flavoring
I know, I know - I need to take a cue from Phoebee & knock this off!  I was craving one today though.  I shouldn't be having sugar OR sugar-free stuff!  Damn this sweet tooth.  It wasn't even that good either... the sugar-free flavoring has such a weird aftertaste.  Blech.

Thrown-together curry (baked sweet potato, zucchini, mushrooms, onions - sauteed in coconut oil, with curry powder, spices, agave, cornstarch, and unsweetened coconut milk).  Served over brown rice noodles with homemade Tulsi iced tea (sweetened with 1/2 a blood orange juice). 
This is just a re-used bottle, it's not really the KeVita stuff.

20 minutes on the Incline Bike
40 minutes on the Elliptical machine (alternating high intense intervals with low sustained endurance)
20 minute bike ride to work (10 mins in / 10 mins out)
1 hour softball game (I played catcher - although I didn't do a lot of running, I did do a lot of throwing!)

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