Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 16 (Sweet Dee) - Dye, Tuesday! Just Dye!

I'm currently in the process of changing my haircolor.  It has been black / dark brown for SO long, and I'm plain tired of it.  I would normally cut my hair, but I'm trying desperately to grow it long - but I really needed a change, hence the hair dyeing!  

Right now I'm in the process of bleaching the color out, which took 2 rounds (and 2 boxes) - and the ends are still being stubborn and staying pretty dark.  So right now it's pretty blonde at the roots, and kind of a reddish light brown near the ends.  I left the underneath part of my hair alone (dark brown), which I think will add a nice effect.  I always liked the look of dark underneath & light on top!  Eventually I'm going to dye the top part a bright strawberry red color.  It should be pretty (I hope), and very different for me!  I'll take pics, don't worry. :)

Brown rice crisps (no sugar added, organic), with strawberries and 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk.  1/2 a cup of black coffee (I just couldn't finish it today!)

Cup of Red Raspberry tea
Mixed Nuts (about 1/4 a cup), unsalted

Tokyo Joes w/ Becca & Geneva! 
I got the Build-your-own Bowl, size small - Brown rice, veggies (zucchini, broccoli, edamame, green onions, mushrooms), and baked tofu - with sugar-free Teriyaki sauce (on the side), and hot sauce.

MAN - look at the size of this thing!  Can you imagine what the larger bowl-size looked like?  Holy crap!  I could only eat 1/2 of this at the time - I saved the rest for later.  I'm glad I just did the dunk-as-you-eat method with the sauce too - I didn't need all that they gave me.  The tofu was so well seasoned it would've been way too much salt. 


Veggie "Mushroom Lovers" Burger (on 1/2 a whole wheat bun with tomato, red onion, lettuce, cucumber, ketchup, mustard, mayo).  I also had a small handful of nuts, a bagel chip with 1 tsp of coleslaw, a very small square of jalapeno cornbread, 2 green olives, and 2 pasta salad noodles.  (Obviously I was having some trouble resisting all of the other stuff that people brought to John's impromptu cookout, but at least I kept what I munched on pretty darn small!) 

Cup of Calming tea.

1-hour Body Combat class

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