Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 4 (Sweet Dee) - Sick Day

Today I stayed home sick.  Uck.  I still had to get up early and take Rowdy Roddy Piper to his radio interviews (NICEST guy, by the way), but after that I stopped at the grocery store, then headed home to rest.

Usually when I'm sick I eat lots of very salty soup (such as Ramen), and drink like 5 Vitamin Waters a day - as well as Sprite (which is what my mom gave me when I was a kid).  Since those things are full of artificial sweeteners & sugars, I avoided them like the plague this time and went for the more natural drink choices!

Tangerine Juice (all-natural, fresh squeezed, no additives)

Vegetable & Shrimp Curry Soup (w/ 100% buckwheat noodles) - shrimp, Thai yellow curry simmer sauce, 1/2 organic pineapple, shitake mushrooms, onions, fresh spinach, leftover baked potato, low-sodium veggie broth, a couple of squirts of agave nectar. (I had 2 servings of this, since it was pretty much the bulk of what I ate all day - I spent most of the time sleeping!  But boy, talk about hearty & healthy comfort food.  YUM.)

GT's Kombucha (Guava Goddess)

Kevita (Raw Coconut Probiotic Drink)

Herbal teas (throughout the day)

Orange pepper slices w/ about 1 tbsp of spinach artichoke hummus

None - sick day

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