Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 58 (Sweet Dee) - Bike to work day! (Well, for me anyway)

Today I biked to work!  I've pretty much been scooting everywhere since I got Audrey 2, but today since I've decided to take a little break from derby tonight (it has been a busy week for derby), I decided to bike.  It was a gorgeous morning, and I didn't even mind much that 2 bugs got stuck in my lip gloss along the way.  Ew. 

Tonight I need to hit up the grocery store, then I'm going to relax!  I can't wait! 

Ezekiel sprouted toast w/ natural cashew butter topped with strawberries.
Organic egg (sunny-side up), with hot sauce and a side of arugula.
A pear.

Lunch with Brian Grimes at Wahoo's Fish Tacos!  I got the 2 enchilada combo (1 fish, 1 cheese), with a side of brown rice, white beans, salsa, and green sauce.  It was deeeeeelicious! 


Mixed unsalted nuts & seeds with dried currants

Creamy Shrimp Roll (shrimp, vegan mayo, salt & pepper, celery, red onion, lemon juice) on a whole wheat hot dog bun, with butter lettuce.  Can you tell this is my new favorite plate?  I got it at Anthropologie on sale.  I could still only afford 1, so I just keep washing it over & over.  Ha!
1 beer. 

20 minute bike to/from work
15 minute walk

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