Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 65 (Sweet Dee) - New Yorker for a day!

Last night I re-watched "Super Size Me".  I've seen the movie before in the theater, but that was a while ago, and I wanted to watch it again.  It's really a great documentary, and it was a good reminder about the obesity problem in America - and what we can do to change it.  The biggest part is making the right choices, being educated about it (which most of the time we have to do on our own), and not going into fast food places AT ALL! 

Another thing that the director / writer reminded me of is that New Yorkers walk (I think) 3 times more than everyone else in America.  I thought about every time I went to visit my sister there, and how exhausted I was at the end of my trip because of all of the walking we did!  I thought today I'd get in my workout by spending my day as a typical New Yorker - and walk EVERYWHERE. 

I got up early and walked the mile & a half to King Soopers to grab a few groceries (luckily they're open 24-hours, so I could get there early).  I brought a backpack to make it easy on myself, and didn't even turn on my iPod - I enjoyed the quiet morning, the birds chirping, the leaves rustling... it was lovely!

Then I put on a sundress and my comfiest slip-on shoes (that aren't running shoes), and hoofed it to work!  It took a little longer than I expected, but it felt great, and I listened to 2 podcasts on the way.  My feet hurt a bit when I got to work, but hey, no pain no gain!  And I'm going to New York again in August, so I need to prepare - maybe this is good training for me!  Shoot, even if I did it once a week - what a benefit! :) 

"Back in the day with J.C. we used to walk everywhere!  Did you ever hear of a fat apostle?  Nuh-uh!"
- Chris Rock (Dogma)

Organic egg (over easy) with Ezekiel sprouted toast, vegan butter, and jalapeno jam.
Smoothie (banana, frozen blackberries / strawberries, ground flaxseed, homemade kombucha, light pomegranate juice).  1/2 a bottle of homemade iced green tea. 

Brown rice w/ splash of Braggs, thawed frozen broccoli, drizzle of hoisin sauce & siryacha hot sauce.


Small personal-sized pizza with red onion, spinach, and mushrooms.  Caprese salad (mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil), and a small cup of lobster bisque.
Glass of red wine. 

45 minute walk (to/from grocery store)
50 minute walk (to work)
50 minute walk (home from work)
(So about 2 hours & 40 minutes of walking!  Holy crap!  I calculated the miles, and I've walked 7.4 miles today.  Woohoo!) 

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