Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 66 (Sweet Dee) - Have I told you lately, that I love...FRIDAYS?

YAY!!  So excited for another weekend.  This week actually went by faster than I expected, which is pretty darn nice.  I've been looking forward to this weekend for a while - tomorrow I have Book Club, Katy's bridal shower, then the Westword Music Showcase.  A busy day of FUN!! 

Sunday I'm doing a bike ride & breakfast with my daddy & my little sister, then I'm helping with the bout at the warehouse.  After that I get to RELAX - my favorite thing to do on Sundays. :) 

Ezekiel sprouted toast w/ vegan butter & jalapeno jelly, 1 organic egg over easy, dollop of low-fat cottage cheese with hot sauce, fire-roasted no-salt-added tomatoes, and spinach.  This was pretty much the awesomest breakfast ever.

Soy latte with chocolate & cherry flavoring.

Illegal Pete's Lunch (vegetarian burrito bowl with pinto beans, tomatoes, corn, cheese, vegetarian green chili, chips, side of pesto sauce)


Cheese Pizza & 2 light beers

20 minute bike to/from work

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