Monday, June 20, 2011

Days 67 & 68 (Sweet Dee) - Busy Weekend

I indulged again this weekend, because some reason I can do a great job sticking to the plan during the week, but once the weekend hits I think "YAY I can do whatever I want!" and I fall off the wagon.  

I'm not going to regale you with what I ate, but let's just say that I got carried away.  I'm ready to start again today though!  So weird how weekends do that to me... 

I did get in a 10 mile bike ride with my dad on Sunday for Father's Day though which was super nice.  That was the bulk of my workouts for the weekend, but it was still pretty great.  

Back on the saddle, again! 


  1. I want to know what you ate anyway missy.....I promise to only judge you a little. :)

  2. Oh geez... if only I could remember everything! Ha!! Uhm... let's see...
    I know there was a lot of pizza involved...
    Ice cream,
    chips & queso (homemade),
    A veggie pita wrap (that wasn't too unhealthy, actually),
    Some wine,
    Some pastries & breakfast goodies,
    A couple of mimosas,
    A Snickers Ice Cream bar...

    ACK!! It's worse than I thought!! Is it totally stereotypical that as an American my biggest weaknesses are pizza & ice cream??