Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 77 (Sweet Dee) - You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

Gosh, these mornings have been making me happy.  They've been so beautiful lately - just a little bit chilly, and a nice mix of clouds & sun.  I love love love it when mornings are like this! 

Today I was up very early (5:50am) for yoga with Stacey.  It was an hour-long class, and it was wonderful.  Such a great way to start the day!  We discovered a little coffee shop just next door too that was super cute, so we had a cup of coffee together before going our separate ways.  I even had time to read my book for a good hour before heading into work.  I LOVE it when that happens! :) 

Coffee with vanilla soymilk, and honey.

Unsalted raw nuts & seeds with raisins, and fresh cherries.

Sandwich with Ezekiel sprouted bread, organic romaine lettuce, farmer's market organic tomato slices, mustard, jalapeno jelly, onion slices, and 3 slices of fake bacon (Morningstar brand).
Cup of Yerba Mate tea.

Fresh organic strawberries, with a sliced pluot*.

Mexican Pizza (I was so proud of this thing that I took 2 pictures!) 
Leftover salsa on a jalapeno cheddar tortilla from the Farmer's Market, Daiya shredded cheddar "cheese", corn, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes.  It was SO YUMMY.

Homemeade cherry iced tea (mixed with green tea) 

1-hour yoga class

*A pluot is a plum and an apricot mixed together.  It's more sciencey than that, but it's basically a fruit-mutation. :)  I discovered these last year at the farmer's market and fell in LOVE!  I don't usually like the tartness of plums, and the apricot somehow evens it out and just makes it super sweet and delicious.  YAY for science!!


  1. It's so colorful!!! I love it!

    Could it also be a aprilum?

  2. They say the more colorful your meals are, the healthier they are... but really I just enjoy them with more color for aesthetic reasons!

    What about an aplumcot? ;)