Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 64 (Sweet Dee) - Gorgeous, dahling!

Yep yep - it's GORGEOUS outside today!  I sat out in the sun for 30 minutes with my sister for lunch, and I managed to get a little bit burned.  Doggone it!  I knew I should've put sunscreen on today...

I took the night off from derby, because I've been feeling a bit burned out.  Honestly, it was great to have an evening to myself.  I think I needed a little break.  I know next week will be another busy derby week, and sometimes a gal just needs to have some "me" time!

So I made some dinner, went for a walk, lifted some weights, watched "Super Size Me" and finished my book! :)

Organic egg (over easy) with Ezekiel sprouted toast, vegan butter, and jalapeno jam.

RAVE salad (from Green Fine Salad Co) - mixed greens, romaine lettuce, red potatoes, tempeh, fizzled leeks, beets, and quinoa. Curry vinegarette (on the side).
1 dark chocolate chip cookie (small).

2 vegan hot dogs on whole wheat buns with mustard, sweet relish, vegan mayo, onions sauteed in vegan butter, and fire roasted no-salt-added tomatoes (I don't own ketchup, but this was an awesome healthier option!).  I also didn't finish all of the buns - too much breading.  I probably only ate about 1/3 of them. 

 2 cups of Calming tea

30 minute brisk walk
Arm weight lifting (numerous reps, different combinations), and 3 sets of about 15 squats - 15 minutes total.

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