Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 63 (Sweet Dee) - Early day... sooooo tired...

Last night it thunder stormed and I LOVED it!!  I turned off my music as I was cooking lunch for today, opened my kitchen window, and listened to the rain falling.  It was wonderful.  

I could have slept for a lot longer though!  The evening got away from me, and I ended up getting to bed a little later than expected.  So I only got about 6 hours of sleep (ugh).  I would say that I will be getting to bed early tonight, but I doubt that will happen since we're going to Film on the Rocks to see "Scott Pilgrim VS the World"!  I usually can't resist the temptation of booze when we attend these movies, but tonight I definitely will be!  I made iced tea to bring instead. 

Wrap with romaine lettuce, corn, fake bacon, onions, daiya cheddar cheese, vegan mayo, hot sauce, splash of salsa.  (I know this is a weird breakfast, but I was starving after yoga class, so I kinda ate my lunch as my breakfast!  Ha!) 
Cup of Yerba Mate tea. 

1/4 a small watermelon

Curried apple & veggie soup (w/ 1 whole wheat matzo cracker)

A cupcake (dang work birthday parties!  Ah well, it was delicious, and I only had 1).

Subway Veggie 6" sub (whole wheat bread, lots of veggies, low-fat mayo, mustard)
Homemade iced tea.

1 hour yoga class

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