Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 20 & 21 (Sweet Dee) - Relaxing weekend (and some cheating)

This weekend I had a couple more weak moments - similar to that of last weekend. 

Saturday was my cheat day, but yet again, it carried over into Sunday.  UGH - why can't I just keep it to 1-day?  I've been doing great during the week, but I am struggling to keep it limited to 1 weekend day.  I guess I just have it in my head that weekends are mini-vacations from the rest of the week.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to food it is!  

Saturday - FOOD (Cheat Day)
Watercourse Brunch with some derby girls (Raven, Dangey & Queen)! 
Amsterdam Hash (scrambled tofu, gravy, cheese, sauteed veggies, potatoes) with toast & jam - 2 1/2 cups of coffee w/ almond milk & natural sugar. 
I only ate half of this, but it was SO yummy!

Ice Cream at Sweet Action with Cat & John

Qdoba Bowl (w/ tortilla soup, tons of veggies, beans & rice - chile con queso & side of chips)
2 glasses red wine
Ice cream sandwich (from Sweet Action)

Drinks at Candelight Lounge (I think I had 3 Strongbows, and a Gunniess.  Yikes*)

*which inevitably led to a late-night stop at Taco Bell (ugh)
Mexican pizza w/ no meat, Crunchwrap supreme (no meat), and a cheese quesadilla.  Ugh - that didn't feel too good in the morning! 

Sunday - FOOD
Leftover Amsterdam Hash (I can't let stuff go to waste!)

Grilled cheese sammich at Whole Foods (with onions & apples on whole wheat rye), and a Yerba Mate naturally sweetened tea.

Mellow Mushroom w/ mom (I got the Caprese salad)

1 glass red wine (this was a big mistake, but it was leftover from yesterday.  I felt like crap after I had it!)

About 1/2 a cup of homemade leftover curry soup (I wanted to taste it after I made it - it's delicious!  I can't wait to eat it this week for lunch.) 

Pigging out with John while watching the new Nightmare on Elm Street*
*Included Healthy Pop popcorn (we each ate about a 1/2 a bag, which wasn't too bad), chocolate chip cookies (and some of the dough), Wheat thins with cheese spread & jelly.  I'm sure the pigging out could have been worse, but I was pretty unhappy about my decision this morning!

Saturday - EXERCISE
1-hour Kickboxing Sculpt class w/ derby girls (this kicked my ASS!!)



  1. I seriously feel your pain. I cheated on Saturday night at Pho (damn rice noodles and hoisin sauce!) and Sunday at dinner (home made tacos with light sour cream and nacho chips were my cheats). I can already tell that's why I didn't lose any weight this weekend, which is depressing, because I've given up so much. However, I notice a huge difference in my body, I think most of my fat is turning to muscle, with all the rock climbing, yoga, and zumba I've been doing! At least now you get how bad the crappy food makes you feel :) You're doing awesome, look amazing, and I'm so proud of you!

  2. I LOVE PHO! And hoisin sauce too. ;) Rice noodles are better than white flour noodles though, so that's good!

    I can definitely tell a difference in you for sure! The rest of the changes will come in time (I have to keep reminding myself of that too). Shoot, I'm only 3 weeks in! Ha!

    Thanks, Stacey - I'm so proud of you too!! GO US!! *highfive*