Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 28 (Sweet Dee) - Another week begins!

This weekend was so beautiful, and a lot of fun.  I am ready to get on my workouts again this week though, and stay good on my food.  I am hoping to drop another couple of pounds by next week, so I need to work hard!  It was really sweet though - at the park yesterday my friend Nikki said that I was looking really good.  That felt pretty awesome that someone else noticed it too! 

Leftover tofu scramble (same as yesterday) with Ezekiel toast (same as yesterday), and a cup of coffee (same as yesterday)

Unsalted mixed nuts (about 1/4 a cup)

Arugula salad (with strawberries, caramelized onions with a splash of red wine vinegar, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar w/ olive oil)


Bok Choy (boiled), sauteed with onion, garlic, tofu, splash of Braggs, splash of Teriyaki, splash of hot sauce.  Served over buckwheat noodles w/ a drizzle of hoisin sauce.
Sweetened iced tea (leftover from the weekend).

2 hour derby practice*
*I was going to get up early this morning to at least to a walk, but man, getting up early is hard sometimes!  I'm trying to get better at this... Also, this practice wasn't as endurance-y as it usually is on Mondays.  I WILL STEP IT UP THE REST OF THIS WEEK THOUGH! :) 

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