Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 22 (Sweet Dee) - Early Morning Yoga

Today I got up bright & early to meet Stacey for a yoga class at The Yoga Mat.  It was at a very small studio that we both got a Living Social coupon for (10 classes for $40 - not too shabby).  It was great - very relaxing, and lots of stretching.  It wasn't a very difficult class, but I was happy for that.  I am just getting back into yoga again, so it was nice to ease my body into it.  There were only 6 of us there, and the teacher was very good about telling us how to do the poses correctly, and telling us where we should feel the stretches.  I am looking forward to going again soon! 

On another note, my apartment is kind of a mess right now.  I really need to get my laundry done (probably 3 or even 4 loads... ugh), and get my files reorganized (they're sitting in a pile on my floor right now).  I definitely had some free time this weekend when I could have done all of that, but I guess I needed that time to relax instead!  Gosh darn it. 

This weekend we're going up to the mountains for Slush Jam - a party my friend Ryan throws at A-Basin every year.  We all dress in funny outfits, and he gets a spot right on "the beach" where we can all hang out, grill up some grub, drink, and dance.  It's such a blast, and I'm really looking forward to one last weekend in the mountains.  I'm planning to "cheat" on Saturday, but I'll be up there on Friday night too and part of the day Sunday.  SO I NEED TO BE A GOOD GIRL THOSE DAYS!!  Please yell at me if I'm not.  Never thought I'd say that! ;) 

English-style breakfast (Ezekiel sprouted toast*, tofutti sour cream, arugula, vegetarian baked beans**, and 1/4 an avocado), with a cup of coffee w/ agave & unsweetened coconut milk. 
*This was my first time trying the sprouted bread, and it was actually pretty good!  I was trying not to buy bread, but I figured that this was the healthiest option if I wanted some.  It's not as scary as I thought it would be. 
**I called this an "English-style Breakfast" because it's not unusual for the Brits to include baked beans with their breakfast food.  I saw the idea in a cookbook once, and loved the idea of a change!  It was delicious!

Yellow Mango & Strawberries (those little yellow mangoes that they're selling like crazy at Whole Foods right now are AMAZING!!  So tender & juicy.  Go buy some!)

"Bag" Lunch with Katy! 
It was so lovely outside that Katy & I met up to eat outside in the park.  We were kind of attacked by bugs, but it was still SO nice to enjoy the sunshine, and catch up!  And Katy has the most awesome European-style commuter bike I've ever seen.  I want one! 
I had Brown Rice with curry soup (homemade from leftover curry veggies, unsweetened coconut milk, and agave), green beans, mushrooms, and red pepper sauteed in a small amount of vegan butter. 

Pizza (same as yesterday, but with less arugula since I'm almost out, and I added some diced red pepper too!), with homemade iced tea (with agave).

1-hour yoga class
1-hour kickboxing class


  1. HOLY CRAP DUDE!!! That all looks incredible!!

  2. Thanks, Cat! :) You're so cute! Always good to get creative with foodstuff, right? I'd get pretty bored if I ate the same thing over & over again (especially salads)!