Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 45 (Sweet Dee) - Halfway Point!

Holy moly!  I can't believe I'm 1/2 way there already!  Woohoo!  

I'm planning on taking some halfway point pictures soon, I just have to find a working camera.  It may not be until next week, but I'll get 'em up as soon as I can!  I am excited to see the change... even if it's just a small one. 

I pulled out some books the other day (and wrote myself a little note) to help my motivation. ;)  If you haven't read either of these books, you definitely should!  They're full of great information.  I love anything by Michael Pollan too - "In Defense of Food" was a book club book from last year.  It's fantastic and interesting and important!  

And apparently I OD'd on cherries today.  I just ate a bunch of them, and for some reason my body decided - "hey, enough with the cherries already" - and I threw up.  What the heck?  I don't know where it came from or why it happened, but my body just did NOT want cherries in my tummy today.  I'm very dissapointed about that. 

Smoothie (strawberries, banana, frozen blueberries, ground flaxseed, cashew butter, almond milk, a drizzle of grade B organic maple syrup)

Cherries (about 1 cup) - although I'm not sure if I should even count these since I barfed 'em up.

Wahoo's Lunch with Daddy!  2 enchiladas w/ cheese & veggies, and fish - side of brown rice & beans.

5oz Kuulture frozen yogurt (Hawaiian Taro) w/ yogurt chips. 
I've been having a bit of a grumpy day today (it feels like a monthly-grumpy if you know what I mean) so this was in order.  I know, it's sugar, but it was a better choice than going for flat-out ice cream! 

Black bean sliders (at Appaloosa Grill) w/ a few french fries, 2 glasses red wine. 

Apparently I felt that sleeping was more important than working out today.... dang!  I need to step up my workouts!


  1. You barfed cherries? Like in the Witches of Eastwick?

    I can't wait for your pics. My halfway pics re-motivated me 'cause I could see stuff in the pics I couldn't see just day to day.

  2. Yes, JUST like that actually! Haha! Eww.

    I'm definitely hoping that the 1/2 way pics re-motivate me. I could definitely use it right now!