Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 39 (Sweet Dee) - Relapse

This morning I woke up feeling better (until another berating at work - UGH!  Just effing awesome...), and started my day off right... but that didn't last long...

Tonight it was my friend's bachelorette party.  We went to Beauty Bar for mani/martini's then headed out to Rock Bar for dance partying.  I had every intention of having 1 martini, and leaving it at that.  But for some reason I felt the need to let loose.  You'll see how the rest of my weekend went in my next post, but needless to say, I relapsed into some of my old bad habits! 

Ezekiel toast w/ tofutti sour cream & jalapeno jelly 

Baby carrots & endive with white bean dip (a recipe I made up - navy beans, onions, spices, a squirt of Braggs, and silken tofu - pulsed in the food processor.  It's pretty delicious, but a little watery.... I probably should've squeezed out the tofu a bit!)
7-Berry Antioxidant tea. 
Vanilla hazelnut tea. 

Leftover pineapple curry (again, I can't let stuff go to waste.  I only brought about 1/2 a cup of the white rice though, and about 1/2 a cup of the actual curry.  I filled the rest of it in with fresh spinach!) 

The rest of the pineapple curry (when I got home).... 1 martini, a whiskey drink w/ OJ, a red bull & vodka, a PBR (yeah, I felt poopy the next day), a homemade vegan pizza w/ veggies when I got home... ugh.

1 hour walk around Wash Park with Stacey

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