Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 25 (Sweet Dee) - Off to the mountains I go!

This weekend a big group of us are heading to the mountains for the SLUSH JAM, as I mentioned in my post from a couple of days ago.  I'm leaving straight from work today, and CAN'T WAIT!!  It's going to be so much fun, and I am so ready to get out of town for a couple of nights.  I'm also very glad that I saved my cheat day for tomorrow!  Woot! 

So far I've been really good about keeping my alcohol limited to my cheat day alone, and I'm pretty proud of that.  It's really difficult to be at a concert and not order anything, or to be sitting around a fire with friends that are drinking beers and not having one (like last night).  It's not a huge deal, but sometimes I think "Gosh, it'd be nice just to have one!" - but I'd be tacking on another 200-ish calories to the day, and goodness knows it's not easy to just have one.  The summer will be a challenge, but I'm sure that I can do it!  Be strong! :) 

Oh, and by the way - last night our softball team CREAMED our opponents!  We won 25 to 9 - total blowout.  I was playing catcher and I caught a pop-up too!  It was awesome! 

Ezekiel toast w/ herbed cream cheese & jelly (I was in a bit of a rush this morning to finish packing!)

Salad from Fine Green Salad Company (the Chef Jam) - asparagus, beets, potatoes, etc 

Soy Latte (double) w/ 1-pump of coconut flavoring (deeeelicious!) 

Whole wheat crackers with light cream cheese

Chipotle vegetarian burrito bowl with NO rice (why don't they offer brown rice?  Jerks), no cheese or sour cream, and 3 corn tortillas.

Again, the camera is still with the little sis.  So here's a video of ducklings going crazy over a yo yo! :)

1 hour brisk walk in the park with John & Stacey!


  1. Some chipotles DO offer brown rice. Bug your local restaurant to carry it too!

  2. WHOA! Good to know!! I was at the one in Silverthorne anyway - they aren't really my neighborhood restaurant. ;) But that's a great idea! Thanks!