Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 43 (Sweet Dee) - Mmmmm Watercourse!

This morning I met my very preggers friend Nikki at Watercourse for breakfast (she's the one who we threw the baby shower for 2 weekends ago).  I was a very good girl - surprisingly!!  I knew it would be a challenge to eat out this early back on the plan, but I think I made some very good choices (and it was still really delicious). 

I was going to go to my usual kickboxing class after work today, but I've decided to take the day off.  I haven't had a Tuesday off in a long time (at least from workouts & such), so I'm taking some "me" time.  I'll probably hit the grocery store to stock up on healthy camping foods for this weekend (which I really need to do anyway), then I'm going to yoga in the morning so that's good! 

Watercourse breakfast!  Pepe Scramble (vegan - scrambled tofu w/ daiya "cheddar" cheese, green chili, refried pinto beans).  Substituted homemade applesauce w/ strawberries (instead of hash browns), and had corn tortillas on the side instead of toast.  Cup of white tea.

Mixed unsalted nuts & seeds

Rave Salad (from Fine Green Salad Co) - Mixed spring greens, romaine lettuce, quinoa, potatoes, beets, tempeh, leeks, edamame (with curry vinaigrette on the side - I only ate about 1/2 of this).
Raspberry leaf herbal tea.

Whole wheat orzo pasta (about 3/4 a cup) with onions & spinach sauteed in spray oil, & sauce made with red pepper & tomato soup, and about 1/4 a cup of almond milk mixed with corn starch to thicken.  Spices & a pinch of salt & pepper added.

1 small Powerball (brown rice cereal, peanut butter, brown rice syrup, cacao nibs*, dried currants, ground flaxseed)
Calming tea.

*Cacao is where chocolate starts - it's the stripped down bare-bones basic though.  To make chocolate that we know & love, you have to add milk, sugar, and all of those other lovely things.  Needless to say cacao nibs are bitter, and don't really taste much like the chocolate we're used to.  However, they do have a similar texture, and are VERY good for you!  From what I understand, they're very high in antioxidants - and that's a good thing.  It's all the sugar & additives that make chocolate bad for you.  They're a great substitute if you want something chocolate-chip-like, vegan, with all the health benefits, and none of the bad additives.  I got them in the bulk section at Whole Foods!


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