Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 44 (Sweet Dee) - I LOVE Cherries!

This morning I got up & went to an early yoga class.  It was awesome, and very invigorating!  I don't know how they can list it as Beginner / Intermediate though, as it was definitely more of an intermediate class... there were a couple of poses that I had some trouble getting into (and out of)! 

Tonight John and I went to Harry's Bar for "drinks" and tapas.  My dad gave me a gift certificate good for 4 drinks and 2 small plates.  I ended up having a couple of glasses of red wine, but I didn't overindulge too much.  The plates were small too, and although I wanted more, I think they filled me up just right.  John and I even ended up joining the Cruiser Ride later that night on our bikes... it was very impromptu, but lots of fun!

OH, and I went to the grocery last night and CHERRIES are in season!!  I LOVE CHERRIES!!  
Since I'm so darn upset that my camera is still broken, and my dad's professional camera is too big & bulky to carry around w/ me all the time, and I still want to post pretty pictures, here are some pictures of cherries from We Heart It to celebrate the occasion. :)

Cherries (about 2 cups.... I told you I love 'em!).
Yerba Mate tea (didja notice how good I'm being about not having coffee??  'Cause I did!  Yay!)

Nori wraps (I only had 2 left, so they kinda turned into lettuce wraps after that I ran out). 
Toasted nori sheets, butter lettuce, apples, quinoa, thai baked tofu, avocado, squirt of Braggs.

Unsalted nuts & seeds

2 glasses red wine, caprese salad w/ roasted red peppers, 2 shrimp wontons, and 1 1/2 small fish quesadillas.

1 hour intense yoga class
15 minute walk on lunch break

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