Monday, May 9, 2011

Days 26 & 27 (Sweet Dee) - Cheat Day (Slush Jam) and Mother's Day

This weekend I was much better with my food (on my non-cheat-day), but not as great on my workouts.  Geez, it's always somethin' ain't it? 

Anyway, we had a great time at Slush Jam, which I will post about (along with pictures) on my other blog.  I won't be getting too specific with food details on that, because I'm not exactly sure ALL of what I ate.  But I'll do my best!

I had every intention of getting a workout in on Sunday when we got back into town, but alas, it just did not happen.  My friend's baby turned 1, and she had a little birthday party in the park for him (which was really fun, and what a beautiful day for it!) - then I had Mother's day stuff with my mom which was great as well.  It was nice having another day to relax, but I felt a bit lazy about not working out.  Ah well! 

2 mimosas
Some of my homemade jalapeno poppers
Homemade breakfast burrito (whole wheat tortilla, green chili, tofutti sour cream, shredded cheese, potatoes, veggie chorizo, peppers, onions, eggs)
A vegetarian chicken patty w/ veggies & potato salad
2 or 3 beers
2 cookies
Cajun pasta w/ cream sauce & seafood
Cup of new england clam chowder soup

SATURDAY - Exercise 
Some runs snowboarding (about 4 or 5 runs total)

Tofu scramble (tofu, onion, pepper, veggie chorizo, corn), with garnish of arugula & dollop of toffuti sour cream.  Ezekiel sprouted toast w/ light cream cheese & fig jelly.  Cup of tea with agave. 

Cup of coffee (with unsweetened coconut milk and agave) with whole wheat crackers & soft herbed cheese spread. 

Veggie burger w/ no bun (used lettuce leaves instead), ketchup, mustard, relish, onion, tomato.  A very small helping of coleslaw & pasta salad (about 1/4 a cup), carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks.  Small scoop of tapioca-style side dish.  Sweetened lemon iced tea.  Small slice of vegan red velvet cake.*
*this was all at Sasha's baby's birthday!  I did have a couple of non-TBT approved things, but I still feel like I did pretty well.  I didn't have any alcohol either!  

Asian seared tuna salad & 1 glass of red wine**
**and there's the alcohol - dangit!  Only 1 glass though - my mom wanted to buy a bottle of wine for Mother's day, so I had a glass.  The asian salad was delicious though, and very TBT-ok!  Also, we went to Sweet Action Ice Cream after dinner, AND I DIDN'T GET A SCOOP!!!  I can't believe I resisted that, but I did.  It's the little accomplishments, you know? 

SUNDAY - Exercise  
20 minute leisurely bike ride, badminton in the park for about 20 minutes

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